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A Unique Taste | About
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“A Unique, Tasty Culinary Experience”

Vicky Colas (Founder)

A Unique Taste Culinary Services is a boutique upscale custom service oriented food service company. We pride ourselves on our unique custom service to our guest and our creative, professional, personalized approach to catering and event planning. We offer gourmet food for any special occasion with professional service and unmatched attention to detail. From intimate dinner parties to mid-size catering event we listen to your vision and we deliver it on a unique plate and ambience that reflects your vision. We also service your intimate executive corporate needs, so you can let your professional environment know how special they are to you and your operation. Our skilled kitchen Brigade are creative and professional.


Our Executive Chef and Nutritionist Vicky Colas, is an award-winning chef with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality, culinary and Dietetics & Nutrition industry. Her Cuisine is Unique, progressive, Innovative, flavorful, Healthy, her staff, has been Hand selected hand selected by her. Our kitchen staff of chefs, servers and planners can handle every aspect of your event from ideation to fruition, coordinating all your catering, d├ęcor, lighting, floral and entertainment needs.


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Email: vicky@chefvicky.com
Phone: (954) 281-2763, Ext: 901

Vicky Colas

Executive Chef & Nutritionist

Email: tommy@auniquetaste.com
Phone: (954) 281-2763, Ext: 902

Tommy Gilbert

Operations Director

Email: hellen@auniquetaste.com
Phone: (954) 281-2763, Ext: 903

Hellen Sallons

Sous Chef, Food & Beverage Coordinator

Email: events@auniquetaste.com
Phone: (954) 281-2763, Ext: 904

A Unique Taste

Independent Event Designer & Coordinator