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Sign up! Suggest! Spread the word! Stay Connected!

This is Vicky Colas,

I am a local mom who is trying to keep great families connected.

I recently became a publisher mom of a newsletter called Macaroni Kid for the Weston-Davie area. This newsletter provides great information such as local events and activities and Awesome Giveaways to great shows that are happening out in the community for kids and their families. I was very grateful for this opportunity because it would allow me to reach out to kids, families and friends about my life’s passion of food and nutrition. While the newsletter is very informative, resourceful and enables families to keep up with their areas social activities and keep the kids active and busy.

I will be posting a newsletter once a week and will include great event and activities all around Broward county and surrounding areas.
I recently picked this new hobby to also help me carry forward my passion for cooking (especially the gratifying work of cooking with kids) and nutrition education.

I hope it’s ok to reach out to all of you. If you wish please take a look and perhaps sign up for the Newsletter even if you do not reside in the area, chances are you will always find something to do. Please do not feel obligated to do so.  It is a free Newsletter and I am looking forward to your support.

Once again, I am looking forward to you subscribing.

Below you will find the link and some information about my newsletter. I hope you will take some time to visit and subscribe or follow and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

What is MACARONI KID? …..

The weekly newsletter of Weston-Davie activities to Entertain, Stimulate and Exhaust your kids.

Over the next few weeks, this will become the very best place for you to hear about all of the great activities and events for kids and their families in the Weston-Davie area!

Macaroni Kid is a free, weekly email newsletter dedicated to delivering the scoop on all the family-friendly events and activities specifically for kids in our community. Each week, an email newsletter will deliver all the news straight to your inbox. Subscribe for FREE today and share the excitement with your family and friends.

We will never give away or sell your email, or spam you. And you can unsubscribe at any time. From one parent to another, you have our word.

To avoid more than my Newsletter Please Uncheck National (see uncheck list below) or send me an email saying PLEASE ADD ME TO SUBSCRIPTION for me to add you.


National Newsletters Uncheck List

  • Family Travel Newsletter
  • National Newsletter
  • Safety Announcements Newsletter
  • Survey Newsletter
  • Family Fitness Newsletter
  • Kid EATS! Newsletter

I hope you enjoy Weston-Davie Macaroni Kid!


Vicky Colas

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